P I P A - Project Integration Process Automation

Cloud-Based Project Management Platform powered by Proprietary Data Lake Technology

Be proud of your project delivery, with no compromise of data management and team collaboration


Project Dashboard

Project Dashboard

Project Dashboard
Feature Description:
Display project status and key statistics of the project in a single dashboard promote clarity on project progress and critical insights to your project manager, project team and project stakeholders

Integrated Data Management (Proprietary Data Lake Technology)


Feature Description

Manage your project data, including data storage and data tagging to tasks or project activities, in a single integrated cloud environment using our proprietary Data Lake technology



What is Data Lake?

A data lake is a centralized repository that allows you to store all your structured and unstructured data at any scale.
Data   Non-relational and relational from IoT devices, web sites, mobile apps, social media, and corporate applications
Schema   Written at the time of analysis (schema-on-read)
 Price/Performance   Query results getting faster using low-cost storage
Data Quality   Any data that may or may not be curated (ie. raw data)
Users   Data scientists, Data developers, and Business analysts (using curated data)
Analytics Data processing, machine learning, predictive analytics, data discovery and profiling.


Designed for big data analytics, real-time actions based on real-time analytics
Possibility to accquire, blend, integrate and converge all types of data. Data and files can be stored regardless of source and format
Highly scalable and flexible
Single source of truth: Input can be taken from multiple sources while preserving both the original data fidelity and the lineage of data transformation.
Applications are closer to the data: Faster speed and reduced burden on networks
Saving enterprise data warehouse resources

Project Scheduling and planning

Feature Description:
Set project timeline and goals for each project phase, update the project schedule and help your team plan using the project Gantt charts and S-curve. The Project report generation feature helps the project manager keep the project stakeholders informed of the project’s progress.

Team Collaboration and Task Management

Feature Description:
Set and assign tasks, and receive notification of the assigned task - every team member knows their task precisely, and team members can collaborate for
completing the assigned tasks.

Support Remote Working

Feature Description:
Your project team can choose to work in the office or from home or any remote location and be as efficient and effective as PIPA runs on the cloud

PIPA is a grant award winning project management software technology

- OGSE Grant (2021) and MDEC SA Grant (2022)

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